Who we are:
LimitedBookings is a travel agency dedicated to tourism that offers a selection of medium and high-end travel at exclusive rates. 
We are not a resale website and we offer the best price due our direct partnerships with hotels and resorts.

1410 N 21st St, Tampa, FL 33605, United States​, LimitedBookings is worldwide: France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, United States.

Our team:
Our team is made up of tourism and leisure professionals, travel agents, buyers and marketing specialists, constantly committed to understanding and anticipating the needs of LimitedBookings members, creating exclusive travel solutions at advantageous prices. Our customer service is made up of dedicated and prepared staff to assist the customer in every moment of his experience with LimitedBookings, before, after the purchase and during his vacation!

What do we do:
LimitedBookings is a travel agency, we do not sell "coupons" like most generalist sites that currently inflate the market and mix travel with beauty treatments, gifts and various kinds of shopping offers.
Booking on LimitedBookingsmeans buying a defined stay, with availability and certain dates as indicated in the General Conditions of Sale. By purchasing on LimitedBookings you will not need to redeem any coupons by contacting the service provider directly and hoping that the accommodation will grant you availability in the period you want.
We create inspirations, we suggest travel solutions, we fulfill your desire to reach dream destinations!
We offer discounted stays in the most beautiful resorts in the world, cruises, tours and minutours, wellness and relaxation stays, white weeks.
LimitedBookings offers always and only include the best products, selected by our experts, with discounts of up to 70% / 80% on the list price.